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Moka Essentials Makeup Brush Set

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Introducing our premium collection of exquisite Moka Essentials Makeup Brushes.

From contouring like a pro to creating the perfect winged liner, our 15-set Essentials Brushes have got you covered for any makeup look you desire.

Presented in a convenient zip up bag that is the perfect travel companion, allowing you to carry your brushes securely where ever you go. 

Crafted from the finest cruelty free goat hair, these brushes deliver a superior level of softness and precision, ensuring a flawless & professional makeup finish.

The meticulously designed grass wood handle is super light weight providing not only a stunning aesthetic appeal but also a comfortable grip during application.

1: Large Powder 7: Eyeshadow Brush
2: Angled Contour 8: Angled shadow blender

3: Rounded Foundation

9&10: Blenders

4: Blush Brush

11&12: Lips

5: Highlighter Fan

13&14: Eyebrows

6: Concealer Brush

15: Eyelashes