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Lash Glue

Moka Bepsoke Strip Lashes


Moka Bespoke Strip Lashes

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More than just lash products

Our products have a story grounded in whānau,(family) whakapapa (ancestry) and Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Nothing here is mass produced or made from synthetic materials.

Careful consideration has gone into how our products are created to ensure the mauri (life force) of the materials and ingredients is honoured.

"Mauri mai, mauri atu"

"Life force received, life force given"

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Moka Lash Glue

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Moka Essentials Makeup Brushes



"The Moka Lashes are incredible. They didn't feel fake whatsoever, and had such a full look which I loved. I'm obsessed with them, will definitely be my go to lashes from now on ! Thank you so much" xxx

-Piper Gwyn

"Really beautiful, soft light lashes made with plenty of love !! So so so loved my pair !!!

-Jaye Glam Morgan

"Cannot recommend these Moka Lashes more they were so light and did not feel like I had them on! Thank you Sharee Wilkinson for these and they are reusable and eco-friendly so that's a big plus on/in my eyes.

-Tiraumaera Te Tau

Free shipping on all orders over $50 in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

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