For the natural world, from the natural world.

Moka Bespoke Lashes are made from a combination of muka fibre (extracted in the traditional method) from harakeke (flax) plant, and brushtail fibre, all found in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

The process begins with the extraction of the muka which is softened, and rolled (the process called miro) into threads called aho. 

The muka forms the strip to which the brushtail fibres are knotted. 

Brushtail fibre is luxurious and lightweight but more importantly the specific part we use does not have a commercial use, so is often discarded.  

We make incredible beauty with it.  

The brushtail fibres are meticulously woven one bundle at a time onto the muka strip to create beautiful Moka Bespoke Strip Lashes. It can take up to one and a half hours to craft a single pair of lashes.

The combination of natural fibres and handcrafting means that every pair of Moka Lashes is as unique as they are luxurious.  

We are proud to say that Moka Lash Glue is a world first product (patent pending) 100% natural with ZERO nasties - and we mean it !

Our glue has it's origins in the glorious gel of the harakeke (flax) plant, the 'liquid gold' that we call 'pia harakeke'.

Traditionally this soothing ingredient was used by our tuupuna (ancestors) as rongoā (medicine) for skin ailments.

We combine organic pia harakeke (flax gel), harvested in traditional sustainable methods by wāhine Māori, with bioactive keratin fibers ingeniously created from the shorn wool of New Zealand sheep to lead the charge in safe and effective eyelash adhesive. 

We will be offering 100% plant based alternatives for our lashes and glue in the very near future and are working on formulating a safe semi-permanent eyelash extension adhesive for professional use.


"Mō te taiao, mai i te taiao"


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